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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Shopping = Back Pain

It suddenly dawned on me that I won't be able to go into a store between now and New Years - I hunker down and wait for the madness to end - so I took my long list and went to my favorite discount stores (Drug Barn, Target, Radio Shack, etc.) and ticked off every item, plus some fun extras! And now my back hurts.

I bought three fancy scarves at the Coat Factory so I can gussie-up my basic black outfits. And to top it off, at Trader Joe's, I bought an Iowa-raised steak for dinner.

I don't acknowledge holidays and look forward to many days of just reading, riding my bikes and fixing up my nest.

This picture was taken on one of my recent bike rides.

Sitting Still

School is out until January and I have very few demands on my time. I have a long To Do list and each day I whittle away at the edges - yesterday I wrote a Craig's List ad to sell my beloved Brompton - but mostly I'm trying to sit still, feel my life around me, be patient and see what gets revealed.

I'll probably clean out my closet and shelves, take old clothes to the thrift store and free up space for new things. Then I get to shop.


Monday, November 07, 2005

Hercules, my yard box turtle, was sitting out in the overcast day and he looked so cold that I brought him in the house. He hasn't eaten anything I've provided for two months, just drinks from his tiny pond on warm days. It isn't cold enough here for a true hibernation. I worry every year that he will starve during the winter and every year he comes out of hiding just fine. He wandered around inside my house for awhile but I decided he wasn't going to like it in here one bit so I put him back into his cold, cold world.

He's really a very funny little guy. My neighbor's puppy barks at him and he comes over to the fence and rears up like he was going to bite that pup's nose. You go! Herc!