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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Um, it (was) Halloween

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Jill was the consummate witch. She never broke from her role once she was in grease paint and the word soon spread in the neighborhood until there was a steady stream of trick-or-treaters coming to our hidden, back cottage door. After she grew up and left home it took years of apologies, "No, the witch doesn't live here anymore," before they finally quit coming. No one got as far as my door tonight. I wonder, do they still trick-or-treat?

Doodling with pixels

I know I'm way behind the curve with this, and probably everyone you know has already discovered that you can use a computer to make pictures, but I only started fooling around with it yesterday --- what a blast!

And think of all the trees I might save by not despoiling sheets of clean white paper.

On the other hand, it is a fork-in-the-road: do I go down the computer-path and learn how to use it well, or do I go back to struggling with classical media?

OR, why not both? This will all be fun.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Riding the Redwoods

The Marin trail through Samuel P. Taylor State Park reopened Friday night and on Saturday Sherry and I were quite pleased to finally get off the worst pavement in the world onto one of the sweetest bike paths in the world.

And it was such a beautiful day we bought sandwiches to picnic on the beach above Inverness, going through Pt. Reyes Station both ways and then back around, as I call them, the Knuckle Hills.

(Some day I will get a decent picture of them, but probably not from the bike; I think I’ll have to do some hiking to get away from power lines, etc.)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yesterday's ride

Starting from my house on Potrero Hill, I circled the waterfront, stopping along the way to take these photos.

This is a Claes Oldenburg sculpture, which I see every time I ride, and it always amuses me. . .is that Cupid's arrow to the heart of S.F.?
The beach at Crissy Field was warm enough to sunbathe on this balmy Indian Summer day. . .

just walking distance from the Golden Gate.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Is the unblogged life. . .

. . .actually lived?

If a tree falls in the forest. . .

But who else would I tell what I see every day?

As I was coming home I came across a Muni bus on its way back to the barn with Nowhere in Particular on its bright, electronic destination sign.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Photo of the day

I took this with my small camera while riding my bicycle across the bridge this morning. It was pure magic.
(Can you see the rainbow?)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Learning code

I'm trying to learn enough code to have my links open into a new window and found a how-to blog.

. . .and it works. It just means using the Edit Html feature and typing it all in, and so I redid yesterday's links. I like learning new things.

But enough about girls on this blog, here's a guy who seems to be going to pot now that he's quit le Tour.

Photo: Deborah Cannon AMERICAN-STATESMAN Austin, Tx
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Friday, October 20, 2006

Riding, Sculptures & Cookies

A Velo Girl racing in San Francisco

I met Lorri at her place in San Mateo this morning and we rode hard, took some new roads with lots of climbing (steep grades, some clearly over 20% on Raymundo), discovered an amazing, huge sculpture garden in Woodside, but we were trespassing and didn’t linger, afraid we might get locked in and then what!?

At lunch, Lorri outlined her plans for the Velo Girls and they’re pretty exciting; I look forward to being part of it. (Read about Lorri in Bicycling and other magazines here.)

Hmmm. I just came across a baggie in the freezer with two chocolate chip cookies in it. I’ve eaten them and will soon see if they’re what I think they are. Tasty.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wild Parrots (or are they?)

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Late in the day I decided to check out my repaired Bike Friday and rode along the waterfront towards Embarcadero Center, just past the Ferry Building. Right away I could hear the wild parrots, louder than usual, and went up Washington into the Maritime Plaza.

And, not only was most of the flock of nearly 200 cherry-headed conures coming in to roost for the night, but a man and a woman had bags of sunflower seeds and cut-up apples to feed them. Those not perched all over this couple were playing at eye level all around me, landing on my helmet as I took photos.

Everyone there was either dumbfounded with awe or, like me, grinning from ear to ear. I enjoyed the people enjoying the parrots as much as I enjoyed the birds. I'm still grinning.

There were many green-headed fledglings learning that people are a source of food; it won't be long before the flock starts badgering tourists for their evening snack!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Riding with Annette

Sunday, fellow Velo Girl, Annette, and I drove clear up to Woodacre to ride the Olema-Pt. Reyes Stn.-Cheese Factory-Nicasio loop. It was overcast and cold, so we rode at a pretty fast pace to warm up, stopping briefly in Pt. Reyes Stn., but waited until the Rouge et Noir Cheese Factory to get a sandwich. It was still pretty cold and we were cooling down fast, so off we went again, heading for Nicasio.

And then our fortunes changed dramatically when Annette's front tire literally blew off, throwing her over the handlebars. She was behind me but a driver coming toward us saw it happen. I heard the explosion and later found a 6 cm. rip along the tube's seam, when, while waiting for the ambulance, I changed her tire. (She's still my friend in spite of my blatant callousness in the midst of the drama—I needed to do something useful while we waited.) We'd just been on a really long, fast downhill coming from the Cheese Factory, right before turning onto Nicasio Valley Rd., so we were slowing for the intersection when it happened.

Many kind strangers stayed with us to help; the fire and paramedic crews were not only perfectly professional, but exceptionally nice. A fireman gave me and the bikes a ride back to her car near Woodacre, and I met her at Kaiser's Terra Linda E.R., where a fractured clavicle was confirmed. I drove her back to Berkeley, her husband, Ed, fed us and then brought me back to the city.

(Annette broke the same shoulder last year on a Velo Girls ride when she suddenly encountered a wandering child, and the child won. That one happened in Tiburon and I rode like a mad woman back to my van in S.F. to go back to get her; this time we had the professionals cart her off because she'd hit her head. But I was ready to ride like a mad woman back to her car again; the fireman saved me from that. Whew! And may I add, Annette is the most stoic injured person I’ve ever met; I would have had tears rolling down my cheeks on both occasions.)

As near as I can tell, the tube just split for no known reason, except perhaps a manufacturing defect that didn't show up for a long time. Not sure if one could keep the front wheel from flipping after a failure like that and I'm so glad she didn't break her neck, as is she!

Up until that little setback our ride was superb.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Thanks to the women’s movement, use of the g-word when referring to a grown woman had long offended me. Then a few years ago Lorri Lee Lown, wearing pink, and in-your-face proud to be a girrrrl—“Ride Like a Girl, A Velo Girl!”started an all-girl cycling club and so I got over it. But lately it’s occurred to me that not everyone knows how the g-word has come to be in my vocabulary and I probably sound silly when I use it. Too bad. Always being Politically Correct is equally silly.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Through a glass, darkly

I'm having a dark day, seeing what I don't want to see, hoping against all odds rationality will prevail.

Read Chris Hedges: Bush's Nuclear Apocalypse. I hope he's wrong, very wrong.

Photo: (Click to enlarge)
St-Germain des Pres
Paris, France
26 Sept. 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006


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I've spent hours studying these leaves, wanting to render them in a yes-that's-a-nasturtium way. They're very flat.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chambord & Peace Pigeon

Click to see the Peace Pigeon gracing the scene over my head.
I like to think that's an olive branch in her beak.

Friday, October 06, 2006


I still have goosebumps after tonight's symphony with Joshua Bell playing Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D Major. . .hmmm. I see in the program he was signing his CDs afterwards, so he isn't a god after all. I would like to have tonight's performance to hear again and again, signed or not.

Behind City Hall an exciting opera event---a free outdoor simulcast of Rigoletto using a huge screen and excellent sound system---was still going on as we left the Civic Center Plaza. I wanted to do both, alas.

What'a town.

Monday, October 02, 2006


I've been back from France two days now, the radio is off, the house is silent but for my parrot's occasional chortle. I'm feeling myself be happy and remembering this Robert Creeley poem:

One day after another.


They all fit.