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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

41 hours

At 5:15 on Monday, I saw a large red area on my left breast, sore and hot to touch. I said, Uh oh, this isn't right, and called my doc's office. My call back didn't come until the next morning - Tuesday - while I was just starting three loads of wash at the laundromat; and because I thought maybe it's just a big spider bite and not to worry (but I knew it wasn't), I didn't rush right in.

They set me up with a surgeon and X-rays and ultrasounds, all to be done right away - and, Oh boy, then I knew: now I have to worry.

You've been there: On the one hand you think, No, it'll be O.K.; on the other, you're putting your affairs in order. You just know your luck has finally run out; it's your turn.

So, by the time I'd finished today my boob had been squeezed by six pairs of hands, X-rayed and ultrasounded and finally, unequivocally, deemed clear of serious disease.

There is no explanation for why this happened. I'll take antibiotics for seven days; it may or may not recur.

Between appointments I went looking for color - and it was a very gray day on the west side of the city. I ended up at the de Young where I found these of interest. (Note: the blown glass fruit is HUGE. That big ugly sculpture reminds me of Reagan. Click to enlarge - back arrow to return.)

Two days.

I'm still so, so lucky.

And I never forget it.


chatterbox said...

Jackie! Phew! I'm glad to hear the red spot was just some sort of skin anomaly. Every new day is a gift!

BTW, the rubber floor mats remind me of when I worked in a deli and all the bits of meat and cheese would lodge in those rubber mats during the day. Then, the night closer (me) would get to wash them off. Ick!

Jackie said...

Ah, Chatterbox, that's the copper skin on the exterior of the new de Young Museum in GG Park.

The inflammation is deep and, unless you're lactating, can indicate a really bad thing - Indeed, every minute is such a gift.

Jackie said...

...but, yes, it does look like one of those rubber mats. I wonder if they know that?

lauren said...


i'm glad it's not bad. and that you're ok. that feeling is awful.

i went through something similiar twice in the last year.

they did the same thing, with the ultrasound and mamogram and x-ray and both times just cysts. but i guess because it's in my family...

but the worst part is that middle part. knowing there's something there but not knowing if it's what you think it might be.

velogirl said...

my sister susan has breast cancer right now. I have this little tiny little thing in my right breast. I can't even call it a lump. I've had it for a while and it seems larger when I'm ovulating. someday I should probably get a mammogram but I figure I've already fulfilled my "c" requirements.

Jackie said...

VG...but that's just awful; wasn't she about to retire early to Fiji? And do we have to come down there and make you get that m'gram?