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Thursday, April 19, 2007

More on hair

Got another haircut because having longish hair didn't work at all. Judy sent me to Sara and now I have wisps. It might be a good cut, probably it is a good cut, but I'm depressed about my looks.

This is so, so wrong - worrying about hair - and I should know better. So much else is much more important, right?

Actually, my real issue is that I am what I am and what I am is a woman past a certain age. And I haven't learned how to live with that yet.

...the end. No more on hair. I promise.


chatterbox said...

I read somewhere that the inevitable hormonal decline is what causes the change in thickness/texture that many of my friends are complaining about.

The good news is the wisps are really cute! And, you look younger than most 40 year olds.

There used to be this cute chain email going around about womens' obsession with the hair throughout the years - with a portrait of the woman in each decade. It ends with the woman in her 80's. She never looks in the mirror. She just puts on a purple hat and heads out to have fun. I hope to reach that state of enlightenment before I reach 80.

lauren said...

oh the hair thing! i've always had a hair thing too.

you are what you are, a woman in great shape riding her bike!!

and it's hard not to get depressed about looks sometimes, but jackie i think you're beautiful!

velogirl said...

ah, the internet age.....Sarah is too young to realize that the "purple hat" is actually an award-winning poem.....long before it became an email chain letter.

and I think you're beautifu, too, Ms. Link! except when you scowl in your photos like that!

Jackie said...

Hmmm, that sounded like a big fishing expedition on my part - and what a good catch! Thanks you guys. Guess I needed that.