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Friday, April 27, 2007

Museums in town

I think I've done most of the major museums in this town at least once each over the past week or so.

Of them all, SFMOMA's Mario Botta building (above) is my favorite, both inside and out, followed by the refurbished Palace of the Legion of Honor (especially with its glamorous history).

(This Rodin is in Paris - note patina which our version lacks)

The new de Young Museum just doesn't work for me, either inside or out, and I really wanted to like it. Maybe it will improve as its copper skin ages, turns green. Or maybe it will just look like it has dripping pigeon poop all over it. (That odd image at the bottom of "41 Hours," below, is of that skin.)

O.K., finished my coffee - time to get stuff done around this house.

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