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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Riding in the rain

(Route topo - my ride climbed a lot more and went many miles further)

Our Velo Girls' Wine Country Century training ride sure put the "E" in Endurance yesterday, at least it did for me when I missed the turn on Mt. Tam and ended up riding into the wind and rain to Hwy 1 at Bolinas.

Twelve of us started in the Presidio to ride the Alpine Dam loop. We stayed together for the usual Northern Exposure ride to Fairfax, where we had a nice bakery stop, and then with me riding sweep ('cause that's as fast as I go up hill) we embarked on the major climbs over Mt. Tamalpais.

After stopping at Alpine Dam for another snack, we again began climbing - Oh, but the down hill runs were really sweet and the views spectacular through the redwoods, even though it did begin to rain as we got higher. I'd rather do that climb in the rain than the heat, any day!

The only wildlife out in the weather: one flattened orange salamander road kill.

I never saw a single intersection in the fog and rain and missed the turn on Ridgecrest. When I saw the view over Bolinas Lagoon out to the Pacific I thought, hmmm, I didn't know we got this close to the coast. And then, finally, an intersection - but it was Hwy 1. Bummer.

There was nothing to do but head south and endure.

Fortunately, in Fairfax, I'd told the group not to chill down waiting for me because I never saw anyone again.

Mind you, neither my cell phone nor my cyclo-computer was working, the one because it apparently eats your battery when you're out of cell range as it keeps trying to connect, the other from two weekends of riding in the rain. I finally stopped at the Pelican Inn to call my co-leaders and could only leave a message, hoping they weren't out looking for me.

And so, for me, it was a rather longer adventure, up and up and up, and over too many climbs to count, pedaling many more miles than expected, but if it hadn't been for worrying that others would be worrying, I rather enjoyed it. Makes an otherwise routine, albeit difficult, ride edgy and memorable.

. . .and then after a quick shower and pizza I went to the Jazz Festival, no worse for the wear.

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