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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Riding in the sun, for a change!

Karena, Sherry & Me
Yesterday's ride from the Presidio to Pt. Reyes Stn. and back was terrific - especially since I only rode to Fairfax where Sherry, who has been sick, had driven my car so she could do part of the ride with us and also sag should anyone need it, and she suggested I ride in the car with her to Nicasio so she'd have someone to ride with for the Pt. Reyes/Olema loop. I'd originally planned to turn around at Nicasio, but there were no other 60-mile riders, so I'd have been alone for the ride back to the city; this was a much better plan. My cyclo-computer still doesn't work all the time, but I think that made for a 50-mile ride. And it was spectacular the whole way. Great day.

By writing this I'm avoiding all the work I have to do for a while longer. My house is a torn up mess and I have to take apart and pack the Bike Friday and set up a turtles' tank at Jill's house and get groceries. . .

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velogirl said...

awesome photo, Jackie! I hope you'll post it on velogirls.com. Maybe we could do a WCC rollcall and post a good luck message on the websie along with this photo?