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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sibyl's treats

I was out all day and Sibyl, my pionus parrot, prefers company while dining.

And usually, as soon as I get home I soak her sprouts and veggies in hot water (they’ve been in the frig), and usually, while waiting for them to warm up, she gets her (I say this over and over, emphatically) “trEEEEt?.” Her treat is one Nutri-berry, usually about 4:00.

Today she got her fresh foods, her pellets, but somehow I forgot about the treeeet Right now, as I write this, it’s way past her roost-time. We were sitting in the chair where she gets her daily head rub and instead of the rub, she started acting like she would bite me. It took a few, “Hey, can’t you tell what’s missing?” jabs until I saw the light and said, “Treeeet???” She nodded, squealed with enthusiasm, and is happily enjoying her treat.

She can now go to roost, satisfied.

If parrots can talk, why doesn’t she just ask?

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