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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hanging out in Paris

It's Sunday and we woke up to rain, but the sun is shining off and on now.

An old friend of DB's, Annie, was here for lunch yesterday and while they chatted, in French, I watched their faces, seeing them as sketches, working the fluid changes between faces and hands and backgrounds, wondering why I didn't go get a sketchpad and put what I was seeing onto paper. And I saw other possibilities, using my camera, but they both would have been too intrusive.

I thought how being with people speaking another language was like how it was when you were a little kid, stuck in the room while the grownups talked - every once in awhile you'd recognize a word you knew, feel good for a minute, then go back to whatever distraction you could find, not minding not knowing, just happy if they were happy, anxious and scared if they weren't. My friends were talking about the French election, the sudden precipitous decline of the stock photo business - not especially happy stuff - but since I couldn't know that then it didn't bother me. They were happy talking together, no matter the subject.

Late in the day I decided to ride out and see what I would see with my camera. I ended up at so many cliched spots - one would have to work hard not to find yet another overdone touristy-spot to photograph here - but I think I saw some of the usual things in my own way. (Again, I found lots of balls to add to my collection.) We can't leave Paris until tomorrow so maybe I'll try to download them onto this laptop, see if I can't post some on this blog.

. . .later. I managed to put one new photo on this page...not sure how to move it around so will quit while I'm ahead.

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