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Monday, May 14, 2007

..no bikes

Yesterday we spent hours taking down and packing our two bikes and trying every conceivable configuration to get them into the covered trunk of DB's VW Touran (especially in Italy, absolutely nothing can be visible in a parked vehicle) - we could take our bikes, or we could take our clothes and cameras, but not both. So, no bikes on this road trip. If we end up somewhere for a few days we can find rentals; no big deal.

Not sure where I'll be by tonight, but I probably won't be posting for awhile, and no more photos until I either get back to Paris with too much time on my hands here at DB's, or back in SF. Having my bike to ride around Paris is worth having brought it. I do love riding around Paris, going by many amazing places, "not really experiencing them." (Being a regular tourist, dragging oneself through museum after cathedral after museum after cathedral, is just too hard!)

This road trip will be for scouting money-making photo opportunities for DB, and the work of taking them in just the right light, but just plain fun for me. My photos are almost always catch as catch can, learning the patience to wait for the right moment will be good.

...it's time for lunch and then we're finally leaving Dodge.

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