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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Three days on

I posted this photo while still in San Francisco on 5/3, but here in Paris it's now 5/10 (I think) - it's for sure Thursday and I left SF on Monday. I'm having a cup of coffee, hoping it will pull me out of my jet-lagged fog. It has been mostly overcast, though not raining. I, of course, only brought clothes for hot weather so I'm wearing one pair of jeans all the time.

The sleeping thing surely will happen tonight. Yesterday in the post office I think I went to sleep standing up - mid-afternoon here is the middle of the night there. btw, everything on blogspot is in French. Somehow, I didn't expect that.

The Bike Friday got out the day I arrived, we rode over to the canal barges, looking for Savoir Faire. Today, though, I plan to pedal around town, even in the rain. Hmmm, pedalling in my sleep?

Now I will click on Publier, assuming that means Publish. . .


chatterbox said...

I hope you enjoy your trip and get some sleep. Usually riding my bike vigorously the first day I arrive snaps me out of the jet lag and lets me sleep well the first night. It's harder coming back, though, for me.

lauren said...


do you have to translate it back to english?

hope you're having fun!