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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Too extraordinary

We've come to a place neither of us had ever heard of before, and have used up every expletive and adjective we jointly know as we move from one stunning sight to the next - we're in a huge, amazing jumble-drawer of histories. It is so extraordinary that I won't even say where I am until I can also post photos; I don't want anyone to Google it and spoil my later offerings.

Today, DB and I were out into the early morning light; we were out with tripod at twilight last night, after which we had a late dinner. There are very few tourists here and very little English spoken, though it is a fairly large city for this area.

Before we left our trullo in Alberobello yesterday, I rode a pink mountain bike up and down our dirt road for DB to photograph in the early morning light, and we did this two mornings in a row! (We keep this up, we'll have to change our sleep pattern and take siestas in the heat of midday like the smart locals do.) The first morning I wore a red bandana and red t-shirt, the next I wore a helmet. (And the usual other clothes, too!) When we're both rich and famous thanks to this photo you can say you knew me when.

We will be staying in this too extraordinary place for at least another day. Really, walking around it, especially having it almost to ourselves, is to almost be in a biblical time and as awesome as Manchu Pichu or Mont St. Michel - like, and unlike, either. Indescribable.


chatterbox said...

sounds lovely! Can't wait to see the photos.

Jill said...

You've always had a cruel streak! (visions of plastic lizards leap to mind).... Where are you? Sounds incredible.