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Sunday, June 24, 2007

19 bites

Sometime in the past day or two something has been feasting on my torso. (I started to say on my trunk, but that brings up an unfortunate body image.) I'm sitting here naked waiting for this besotted pest to return and then I will squash it between my fingernails.

I'm assuming it's a flea.

Click to see flea body parts really big

I'm also assuming it is working here in my house, but it could have been biting me anywhere I've been. I've been so preoccupied that other than saying, Ouch, each time I'm bitten, I've been oblivious. And was that yesterday, or the day before?

I wonder if my Miraculous Ant Chalk would work - I could draw circles around my ankles with it.

Nah. Fleas jump.

O.K., so I've put on some clothes. I got cold while reading Lauren's great blog entry; she almost always makes me laugh out loud no matter what her riff is for the day.

No new bites. Perhaps this pest isn't even in my house; I don't have a cat or dog and I've been two places where they do. Hmmmm. Naked for nothing.

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