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Friday, June 15, 2007

Bittersweet au revoir

Photo: Cobwebs in abandoned trullo door (self portrait), Alberobello, Italy.

Only one full day left here and now DB has a cold - mine is mostly gone - so I went out on my bike alone this afternoon, got hit by a gully-washer thunder storm down by the Seine, got soaked, but was "singin' in the rain," albeit off-key.

I mean, water was up to the middle of hubcaps there for a while; it was really coming down, and then bouncing back up many inches, it was hitting so hard. Fun, really fun. I got back to a hot bath and to work more with my images, equally fun.

It hasn't really hit me yet that in two days I will be back in Es Ef, jet-lagged, having to go pick up Sibyl in the east bay (will she remember me?), and tomorrow is IT.

All the things one usually does in Paris I won't have done, nor do I care.

What is it Arnold says: "I'll be back, baby" - ?

...or not.

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