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Monday, June 11, 2007

Cyber Cafe in Provence

I have been in paradise since last Friday, first in Burgundy and now in Provence...but this French keyboard is not easy to use so I will go into more detail when we get back to Paris and I can add photos.

Yesterday in Avignon my throat was bothering me and I assumed it was from riding in rush hour traffic in Paris, but last night it went on to a head cold, putting a crimp in our bike riding today. The weather is too hot and the air not clear enough for DB's work so we might start back to Paris if it doesn't improve.

We are in view of Mont Ventoux - Lance has ridden the roads I've been on. A photo cannot capture the dramatic beauty of this place. Sigh.

A big storm with nonstop thunder, but no rain, moved through this evening and we went chasing the light for a particular scene - that is a lot of the fun, at least for me - going down random roads, scouting locations - it's all good.

I see I haven't mentioned the food. O la la - I will not be thinner when I get back. We're staying where every morsel is four star: DB knows all the right people and places.

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