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Thursday, June 07, 2007

On the road again?

There's talk here about heading to the south of France tomorrow, more for bike riding than photographing this time because we can take our own bikes.

The weather in Paris has been less than optimal, though both this evening and yesterday we went for a bike ride around the city, trying to get our legs back for doing more serious stuff next week. The traffic got so bad today we had to head back home earlier than we would have liked. Riding along the Seine, past the Eiffel Tower, etc. (BIG etc.), I felt sorry for those people paying mega-bucks for their tourist tour - the air was dense, nearly fog, and made everything flat and unappealing.

Today I did serious grocery shopping, and enjoyed it. Of course, now we'll probably be leaving town and who knows what or where we'll eat next (I suspect I'll still be in Paris until at least tomorrow night, and probably into Saturday). Hey, I'm easy. There's just no point in my making any sort of fixed plan and I haven't been disappointed yet with whatever happens.

I'm happily working my images on this laptop, if only quick & dirty, and then putting them onto my pbase.com Web site (link to my photos, upper left) so I can then look at them on DB's really big, really good monitor, which makes all the difference.

I'm never bored.

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