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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paris redux

Photo: Canal house, Burgundy, France

On nearly the spur of the moment we took off for southern France last Friday afternoon. I've been living out of a suitcase since 7 May, so it was easy, and my Bike Friday quick-folds into a soft bag for stowage in the car. We ended up in a gite on the canal at Vandenesse en Auxois, arriving in time to take photographs in the late light, and a late dinner. (Have I mentioned how good the food is here?) The next morning we spent a long time in the nearby Chateauneuf en Auxois.

In Burgundy we decided on a "plan" for the week ahead: stay in one place in Provence, ride our bikes, take day trips in the area, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. And so we did. DB called his favorite place for a room and off we went, again arriving in time for the late light and another, even more incredible meal.

We went to Avignon and walked and photographed and visited DB's old stomping grounds from when he lived there some years ago; we rode our bikes to nearby villages; and we took long drives scouting for photographs and sometimes stopping to take them.

But then my cold settled in yesterday and it seemed best to come back to Paris, get better, and process some of the work done on these two extremely fruitful road trips: photo safaris of a civilized kind.

I'm feeling better today but still sick enough to just hang out, not really doing much processing yet. If the cold lets me I will try to get to the Cluny again, maybe pop in the Louvre to do detail pix for Kit. Every day so far has been so full that I feel like I've been here at least six months; it's good to take a day off to rest.


Jill said...

oooh! Mama, can you get any of the water lilies downstairs at the Orangerie?

shawnkielty said...

Nice Photo!