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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Time & Work

Photo: Vicenza, Italy

It's 08:30 here in Paris, which means everyone I know at home is already in bed asleep. (Everyone I know in Paris is still in bed asleep too.) My cold is nearly gone; it only took three days of taking it easy .

Today DB plans to start teaching me how to work in Photoshop - which is like having a darkroom, without the chemicals. Working in Camera RAW leaves the original "negative" unchanged, as with film, and what I've processed from this trip so far has been done using my old knowledge base from PS Elements (which is darn near zip). What I've worked on while here and posted to pbase.com, will be redone as I learn how to process in PS. The thing is, I am admonished by two people I respect to switch to Apple from PC and I will have to do so before I can buy the newest version of PS (CS3) because, of course, they are not interchangeable between systems, so I can't put off the decision much longer if I want to continue to learn this stuff. This is a big commitment, as much in time as money.

I just want to take pictures.

I've added a link to DB's marketplace on Digital Railroad and if you have a good monitor, be prepared to be blown away by the quality of his work - and feel free to pass it on.

Last evening we had a dramatic thunder & lightning storm that went on for a long time - something I hadn't heard like that since traveling in the midwest as a kid. I hope it rains all day today so I won't feel sorry to not be out riding or visiting museums, etc. But now the sun is out and it sure looks inviting!

I only have three days left here.

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