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Thursday, June 14, 2007

While you were sleeping

Photo: Chioggia, Italy - the workingman's Venice

By the time I got my bike from the car and all my gear ready to go out it had clouded over again, with rain predicted - I went out anyway. I'd hoped the recent stormy weather would clear out some pollution but Paris is becoming impossible, especially the closer you get to the center where the traffic becomes so thick you can't breathe. (There's a lot to be said for our San Francisco cleansing wind!) I got all the way to Notre Dame, started taking photos of tourists and my battery was exhausted, the spare was being recharged, and the rain returned. It wasn't a total bust: I got to pedal.

Now that I've switched blogspot to an English language version I guess it thinks I'm at home; the last entry was actually done on Paris' Thursday morning, but it shows it as San Francisco's Wednesday.

DB is sneezing nonstop; he caught my cold. Bummer.

I've spent the rest of today learning a few more things about processing in Photoshop and have put the results on pbase (link, upper left). I won't be saving my processing work here any other way, though I'll still have the original RAW files in my Epson 40 GB storage.

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