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Thursday, June 21, 2007

White balance

This face on its side is one half of the bronze heads, Yin & Yang, by Robert Arneson, installed along the Embarcadero.

In situ, I don't like them at all. I do enjoy what people do when they see them. Some sit on them. Others rub the face; you can see the white surface coming off. Both heads are covered in white; bronze is so nice left alone (well, it's always treated, but you know what I mean). The heads are billiard ball bald, egg-like, so white suits them, I suppose.

I went out on my oldest bicycle yesterday, riding around the waterfront, seeing what I would see, stopping now and then to take pictures, sometimes just to test the lens I've borrowed to see how it differs from my own, sometimes because the subject interests me, like these heads of Arneson's, which I've photographed before.

And when I got home I discovered I'd inadvertently set my camera white balance for fluorescent light. I love mistakes like that (usually), which can be easily corrected in PS Camera RAW (if I had it, which I don't - yet), and I especially love the white whale blue cast it gave my heads.

Yes, that's definitely a whale's eye looking up from the deep.

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