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Friday, July 27, 2007

Casual Friday

I met Annette for lunch at her new job with the U.S. Court of Appeals - it's a beautiful Beaux Arts building at 7th & Mission, which I've passed by on my bike at least 3-4 times a week for years, always wishing I could stop and see what was inside. She likes her new job (imagine, a 40-hour week instead of the 60-70, at her old job in high-tech), and she likes being in that building. Of course, running the gauntlet from BART means braving eau d'urine. Perhaps having Homeland Security across the street will make a difference soon.

On the way home I detoured to check out the newest Sports Basement at 15th & Bryant - and WOW! what a great spot and what a great job they've done with the old building, keeping the best of the old and adding really nice touches, like this mural in the entry. I like it a lot and will be there often, I'm sure.

Now I'm boiling eggs and potatoes for potato salad - and I think I overcooked the potatoes. Mushy potato salad. Oh well. I was afraid it would be crunchy and gave them another five minutes. Cooking is not my thing.

Click to enlarge photos - back arrow to return ...and damn, if these didn't lose a lot getting onto the Web. Back to the drawing board....or just learn to live with it.

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