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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Closets and drawers

Today I cleaned out my closet and drawers and baskets and shelves of clothes.

I didn't take a picture of all my clothes stacked up on my bed - the sight of all that denim blue, navy or black is too depressing. Oh, there's the occasional burgundy and white, and the odd green, red or purple (very rare), but it's mostly black, gray or dark blue in my wardrobe.

I've always worn a dark turtleneck, either with jeans or a jeans skirt. It's my uniform. It works here in Es Ef. I look exactly like everyone else. This is good.

One of the main reasons I loved hospital work all those years was the uniforms - I never had to think about what to put on.

I still don't worry too much about what to put on because I wear crap clothes around the house, like my bird-shirts (shirts my bird can shit on) and sweat pants. I have a large collection of crap clothes to wear around the house and today I reduced the number, returning some to the thrift store where I got them. I'll only keep the ones I really like to look at all day.

And then there's a nearly 30-year collection of bicycle jerseys and tights and shorts and arm & leg warmers and socks - I finally let the scarlet tights I've never worn go. Imagine: scarlet tights on this ol' lady! No way. Oooh, but maybe someday....yeah, I'll keep 'em another year. But mostly I just refolded everything neatly and reshelved it. I like my bicycle jerseys - smelly, funky, grease-stained, wonderful, colorful jerseys.

Two big bags full and everything organized and accounted for (I know where
everything is, at least for a little while).

Feels good.

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