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Monday, July 23, 2007


This color management business is tres complicated. What I see when I process pixels will be altered when it appears on the Web, depending on which color profile I'm using. What is good for the Web won't be good for anything else.

I'm sure if I read and studied the books and on-line tutorials it would be much easier...but I can't seem to learn from books, only by doing it wrong and then trying to fix it do I actually seem to really learn.

It was ever thus.

What brought it to my attention was the way intense oranges paled and became yellow. Blues and greens fare better.

The bridge is orange, intense orange. What does it look like on your monitor?

(and after many different trial & error profiles, this one seems to work best for the Web - now I just have to figure out which one it was.)

I need a tech guru!

Yes, I know I'm boring, but this is what I'm doing NOW.


chatterbox said...

I'm lazy. I just get things the way I like in CMYK or RGB. Then, I just do a File > Save for Web and pull down to jpeg. Done! Of course, what I do for a living is not art! I just have to make sure the picture does not look pixelated and loads fast. Your GG Bridge looks true to my recollection of the color in real life.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Chatterbox. I'm at the bottom of the learning curve, just processing trip pix, and then someday maybe I'll actually tackle artsy-fartsy stuff - if I live that long.