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Sunday, July 29, 2007


I no longer know if these were red or orange.

I envy all those riders who effortlessly go so much faster than me, even up hills. But I'm not willing to work at it, so this is an envy I'll just live with.

I have comment-envy; I got 9 e-mails telling me how to boil and peel eggs (thanks, guys), and offers of great potato salad recipes (again, thanks), but only my old friend Kit braved the Blogspot gauntlet to leave on-line comments (thanks, Kit). It later occurred to me that probably most of the people who read this don't really like computers and blogs and only read this because I make snide comments if they don't. "Oh, it's on my blog," I'll say when asked about something. (What surprised me, of today's e-mails, I didn't know most were reading this. In fact, I don't even know most of them. What's with that?)

I envy photographers who already know most of what I need to know to come up with quality work - and I'm willing to work at that one, and am.

But I'm just kidding here, twinges of envy come and go, but I guess I wouldn't be very human without them.

I'm vamping here at the computer while Sibyl, my parrot, eats. We took a long, long shower together. I was gone all day, riding with some Velo Girls way down in the Mountain View-Saratoga area (Mt. Eden from the north isn't nearly as hard), followed by a birthday party-BBQ at Kim's. Sibyl zones out while I'm gone and doesn't eat until I'm back. She's a social eater. When I get done traveling I will have to get her some company. She looks funny after a shower and smells like a wet goose-down pillow.

O.K., she's done eating, now it's my turn. No new photos today so I'll dig into my old files for something I like and slap it up top.

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chatterbox said...

It was great riding with you yesterday. What fun! Oh, and I never go effortlessly uphill. It always hurts. Hiding the hurt is part of the poker game that us racers learn to play :) I tried to climb Mt. Eden standing and blew about 2/3 of the way up yesterday and lost the gap I'd put on Lorri and Dianna (dang skinny girls spun right past me at the end). I had fun anyway and recovered nicely over ice cream :)