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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Food cascade

Last week I bought celery for the potato salad. It only needed a small amount.

Today I bought stew beef and carrots and green beans, etc., to add to the celery I bought for the potato salad, to make a stew, a stew not seasoned with bay leaf, like the kind I couldn't stand as a kid, but flavored with Dijon mustard and tomato paste - it's very rich, with lots of fresh veggies, and it's especially good with dumplings. I had it for dinner and it will feed me all week.

And I still have six hardboiled eggs in the fridge. (Sharon wrote to say to cook them in salted water, that they're best peeled when they're still warm. Too late for that.) So I guess I'll make some curried egg salad for sandwiches. That'll be good, ugly eggs won't matter.

This always happens when I buy celery. I have to keep going, buying things to use with it that I don't usually cook.

Sibyl really had fun with the green beans, and then she played in her toy bowl.

Parrots squeal and chortle; I swear they giggle when they're happy. They quiver with excitement, like a puppy.

They make a big mess, tossing green beans, toys, whatever. We play fetch - she tosses, I fetch.

She's very funny.

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