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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Paris envy

DB is out taking photos as I write this - it's mid-morning here in San Francisco, early evening in Paris, when the light is spectacular for taking pictures and riding a bike along the Seine.

I was just looking at his recent work from the last week or so and it is pretty amazing. (Click on DB's Photos link and then look at Monumental Paris and River Seine for a mini-vacation of your own.) Last night he went up in the Ferris Wheel (not as good for taking photos as he'd hoped) and I wish I'd been there too.

On the other hand, I really, really like riding around my own town, across the bridge and along the headlands into Marin.

But today I'm learning software (just backed up everything onto a 500GB external hard drive) and taking on-line tutorials from Adobe (30-days free), but tomorrow I'll ride.

...an hour later and DB is back because it clouded over and began to rain in Paris. San Francisco: fog, yes; rain, never - not this time of year, anyway.

Skype-chatting makes this a small planet. Now, if we could just perfect teleporting back and forth, that would be really fine. Beam me up, Scottie....

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