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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Slept late

Pinocchio from Verona, Italy, now in my bedroom window.

Cripes, half the day is gone and I haven't even finished my coffee yet.

Yesterday I rode with the Velo Girls down on the peninsula, where the sun was shining right from the get-go. The city is underneath this huge fog bank, which I really love to watch move in and out. While I was driving back home there were so many times I wished I could stop and photograph it, especially going by Brisbane where it was drifting down low, threading through the gaps in the hills, with the sun on it just right.

Today is the day I tackle the technical books. No more trial & error (I jest - that's how I learn best). No more hoping I'll learn it all just by owning the books! I can see that I have to have a good, scalable, cataloging system if I'm ever to find an image again. So far, I'm keywording new work and filing by shoot date. So much to learn all at once. I have on-line tutorials I could be taking, too.

Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara, Italy

So, what do I do?...I process more of Italy and take more photos, like Pinocchio above.

...keep on keepin' on.

Addendum: I Googled the Palazzo dei Diamanti and first got the Italian version with terrible photos and then, in English, discovered those "diamonds" are 8,500 carved marble blocks. I had no idea.

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