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Monday, July 09, 2007

Spiders like me, too

Tuesday: A correspondent went to the trouble of looking up my spider, thinking it might be the male black widow, but correctly identified it as Steatoda grossa, a non-poisonous arachnid. (Great resource: http://bugguide.net), BTW, I always catch and release spiders back to the garden where they belong.

I have one new bite on my torso, but this one doesn't itch so I know it's from a spider, not a mite. These guys sneak into my bed at night and I can't usually find them the next day.

My little friend in this photo was taking up residence in my stainless steel kitchen sink this morning, but only because he couldn't get back out again. He was underneath a cutting board cover and I probably wouldn't have seen him but Sibyl, my parrot, was perched on my forearm drinking from the tap and I saw her cock her head to look between the sink and the board; she'd spied the spider. Parrots don't miss anything.

Click to enlarge photo. I waited for him to rear up and show his biting parts but he never did.

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chatterbox said...

Yes, spiders belong outside! I keep trying to tell them that. If Cyclistrick is home, I have him escort the little beasts outside. However, if I'm alone, they usually meet their maker as I flatten them with the Swiffer (good for getting them up on the ceiling).

I don't know why, but spiders elicit phobia in me. I can handle snakes no problem, but spiders put me over the top.

BTW, I love your photos from the trip! I kept checking in while you were gone to see them. I especially like the twilight in Sassi photo.