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Monday, July 30, 2007

Umbrellas in the redwoods

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We met at Dottie's in Rio Nido today - 7/8ths of The Eight, M.E. is in Portland - well, actually, we first met at the Korbel Winery and tasted four of their champagnes and wines.

We had a lovely gossip - except none of us are too clear on details on anything or anyone any more (so your secrets are safe).

Good food. Good company.

I will process the photos later, but what really took my fancy were Dottie's sun umbrellas. Ellen and Cassie did a Cheech & Chong routine when I was spacing out over them. We laughed as they toked. The rest of us settled for our champagne & O.J. Mimosas- well, actually, I just had champagne, hold the O.J.

We're still recycling a few of our war-stories from the E.R., when our "staff lunch" was group therapy. Judy and Dottie still brave the Hell-holes of that world. Barb has returned to nursing up in Mendocino, doing Home Health visits, excited/nervous about learning administrative computer stuff after how-many-years away.

We shook our collective heads because The Doors' songs are now, what, 40 years old? Gawd, how can this be? They still light my fire.

Guess we're the ol' folks now. But, guess, what: It's all good! and it actually keeps getting better.

Except you're old.

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