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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Color space

That's it. I'm going back to using the color space in my processing that favors Web viewing (sRGB) - everything posted over the last few weeks has been dull and boring (compared to what I see while working the image) - and I have it on good authority that I can always go back and use the "for printing" color space (Adobe RGB), since my RAW files are unchanged by processing.

See the difference between Sibyl in this image and the earlier ones below? She is as dramatically colorful in good light, as above. You should see the intense cobalt and turquoise blues under her wings!

My "Turtle at the Bates Motel" pix are so bad that I'm reprocessing some of them for that post because I can't stand looking at them the way they are here. I even changed this blog template thinking it might be the old yellow background messing up the colors.

Why is the learning curve always so steep?

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