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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Foggy day in the city

This must be what it's like to live on the west side of this city. Gloomy all day. I rode a zig-zag through downtown, into Chinatown and North Beach, to Coit Tower, down to North Point, over Ft. Mason and along Crissy Field to the bridge. Lots of wind. No sun. I cut across the ridge of the Presidio from the bridge, ending up in GG Park, where the band was warming up for a concert in the renovated bandshell. (Note: go back to collect ripening blackberries soon.)

I was hungry by then and decided to ride over to my favorite taqueria in the Mission, and so I climbed another steep hill to 17th Street, just for the thrill of the fast downhill, expecting to be rewarded with a super vegetarian taco - and El Toro Taqueria was boarded up after a fire! I was so disappointed that I just rode on home, never having stopped for anything all day. Carried my camera in its slingpack and didn't use it at all.

Sibyl and I have had our shower, shared lunch, and the sun still isn't out on this side of town. 100% gloomy. (Better this than the valley's heat. I'm not complaining.)

Photo: Poster of 1920 Alberobello, Italy, with sneaky self-portrait, not discovered until today. Very Hitchcockian. Twice in a week; I see a trend developing. (Click to enlarge.)
And this photo of trulli from the boot of Italy, Apulia, reminds me of Taos, New Mexico. Now I need to find those old scanned prints, see if they're salvageable. This, too, happens a lot while I work on images. I seem to work in circles: throw a pebble in the pond and watch the ripples sort of thing.

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