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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fuchsias in my yard. Riding.

I'm going out on a bike every other day now, rebuilding my legs for a trip down the coast, and then riding in Japan. Sitting in front of a computer too much after nearly two months off the bike has left me behind the ol' eight ball.

Today it was again overcast and gloomy, which was fine for hill climbing and hard riding.

As I rode down from the Cliff House and Land's End I could hear the sound of many sea birds on the beach, while overhead, flock after flock of pelicans flew south. I stopped for a while, trying to see what kind of birds were on the beach, but they were just out of reach. Most were a small, orange-beaked, dark gull-like bird, and the other large group were mainly white, tern-like. (Beverly? I'll send you blow-ups.)

When I got back home I was again struck by the wonderful fuchsias along my walk. I used my +2 closeup lens for the photo up top.

I had to Google "fuscia" to find out how to spell it; I knew I had it wrong. I love the way Google can read minds.

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velogirl said...

when are you riding down the coast? and with whom? I want to go!!!!