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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Locorotundo & Googling

While in Apulia, Italy, last May, DB and I lived in a trullo just outside Alberobello. It was quite wonderful and I wrote about it here earlier.

One day we went scouting in the area, driving to the nearby small cities of Martina Franca and Locorotundo. In one, or both, DB drove as high as we could go on winding streets, which became narrower and narrower, finally dead-ending, trapping us. He jokes about having to drive down a long stairway, but I don't remember actually doing that. I think I closed my eyes until we got back out, somehow, some way.

When we did park and explore on foot, it was very hot and dry. This couple spent a long time in front of this ancient church. We imagined he was an architect or professor, knowledgeable about the building. They seemed very sweet. There were no other tourists in Locorotundo.

Just now I Googled "Locorotundo" to be sure I'd spelled it correctly and the third listing was this: Around Italy Photo Gallery by Jackie Link at pbase.com.
It goes on to give details.

That's shocking. I had no idea my photo names got around like that....but when I Googled a bigger tourist city, like Verona, I was nowhere to be found, at least not on the first pages.

Odd new world we live in, where everyone is a little bit famous, whether they want to be or not, or even know it.

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