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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday ride

I met the Velo Girls in the Presidio this morning, knowing I wasn't really going to join the ride - I just don't feel like pushing to meet the pace these days - and I took my camera to see what I would see along the way to Tiburon.

It was pretty overcast, cool, but not cold. The bridge was barely visible and I wanted to take the photo of the one tree on the headlands, but I needed to catch the group to tell them not to wait for me, and so this time I shot it from the north, looking back.

I have a thing for that one tree.

They went on ahead and I took my time getting through Sausalito, stopping now and then to look at the views and try for more photos. I've always wanted to stop at the mansion owned by the Audubon Society on the way into Tiburon, and so today I did, though the gate was locked so I could only look from a distance. There were tiny grapes growing on the fence, very pretty.

Good day. Really good day.

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