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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Two'fer and a ride

This practice shot was taken using manual focus, and that's one fast moving parrot. My old name tags were in the box, so I got a self-portrait along with Sibyl: a two'fer.

I went out riding in the high fog this morning and was surprised to find my legs felt like lead. After the struggle last Sunday, I shouldn't have been surprised.

I first stopped for a quarter on the road. I pass up pennies, I never see nickles, but I go back for dimes and quarters, except if I'm climbing a steep street, then they're not worth stopping and starting for.

It didn't get any nicer my whole ride, but my next stop was at the new fence and open gate at the fishing pier in Aquatic Park, where I watched two large tourist groups on Segways come down the hill from Ft. Mason. They always look really serious and they should be laughing, having fun. Maybe there's a learning curve and they're afraid to have a good time lest they run themselves into the bay, or something.

And then I came across this old Westie in Gas House Cove. The Deadheads are coming to town for a gathering in McLaren Park on Sunday. I must get over to see the 60s in person, as if I hadn't been there the first time around, ha, ha! (It only counts if you were there and you don't remember it, right?)

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