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Monday, August 27, 2007

Wasting time

Today I didn't leave the house except to empty the garbage and I hope no one saw me because I never did change out of my sleeping-sweats. I did some technical reading and fooling around with camera settings, using Sibyl for a model. (Note Sibyl's punk blue forehead where she rubbed a toy after our shower yesterday.) I listened to NPR while I worked on images. Did some e-mails and Skype chatting. Cleaned my turtles' aquarium filter.

I wanted to go fool around on my bike again today, but I'm getting superstitious about getting hurt before my trip to Japan.

I cut my left index finger slicing bread last Friday, so I need to be more careful. I put steri-strips with an expiration date of 2001 on it, going to an E.R. on a Friday night wasn't an option.

My Cannondale has a flat back tire; it can wait until my finger heals.

I'll ride tomorrow.

I rearranged the colors on this blog again. Can it get more boring?


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