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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another day on the road

I had quite a day today, first stopping at the derelict piers below my hill at Mission Rock (more cement balls!), then at the Ferry Building where the sun on the head-sculptures, Yin & Yang, caught my eye.

I kept on around the waterfront, enjoying the tourists enjoying San Francisco (maybe a few locals, too). I went into the Sports Basement for some socks and then to a cafe for cold milk and a bagel with P.B. & J.

Next, it was a climb over the hill in the Presidio and another stop at the variety store in Laurel Village, where I'd hoped to find a new plastic lizard for the dashboard on Jill's new car (no luck).

From there I went into Golden Gate Park and followed the tie-dye to Speedway Meadow for the Summer of Love concert. I could have left my bike at the free, secure bike parking lot, but I knew I'd probably walk a mile and I didn't want to return; I wanted to just keep going.

The crowd, as expected, was immense. (30,000 per the news tonight) And tres amusing. There were more young people than aging hippies (whew!), but the aging, pot-bellied hippies were more interesting (love the overalls).

I walked and walked and held my camera overhead, trying to capture the immensity and happiness of the scene, knowing I couldn't. The music was nostalgic and oh so wonderful. I caught Canned Heat, sounding the same, and many others whose names I've forgotten, (I never did make a point of remembering what name went with what music.)

(Trippin' on an Airstream trailer with bicycle and reflections)

I had no trouble walking my bicycle through the crowds until I got fairly near the stage, the crowd was surprisingly mellow and forgiving (well, now that I think of it, of course they would be mellow!), there was even a couple on a Harley Davidson riding along, very slowly, through the same path I was taking.

But after I came across the naked man promoting himself for mayor, and as the crowd got more and more dense, I decided to leave that scene for higher ground. I went up a path into the trees; the ground was sandy, difficult to keep my feet in bicycle sandals from slipping, and a young man took over and pushed my bike up the steep hill.

I went as far as the Polo Field before circling back on the hill on the other side of the meadow.

A man on a bike went by me, looking exactly like someone I know, but enough not alike that I didn't stop him. Later, I ran into him sitting on the hillside, listening to the music and took his photo. Still not sure he isn't someone I know. (He didn't have enough of his own jewelry in evidence, otherwise, it would definitely be him.)

On my way out of the park I came across so much more music that I had to follow it and see what was going on. At one point I was hearing straight-up jazz in one ear (from the de Young Museum's garden) and a big band playing Zippity-do-dah (in the park band shell) in the other. It was very strange. And amazingly, perfectly, wonderful.

From there, dodging many small children on their new bikes, I came across the Conservatory of Flowers, still looking like a garish, over-saturated postcard from the 40s. I had to stop and take its picture again.

There was more - I see much, much more than I can possibly record or show here.

And I had a pretty darn good ride, too.


lauren said...

omg! an x-rated blog!

i love the airstream pic.

what a wonderful day. after reading and looking at your pictures i almost feel like i was there as well.

Jackie said...

..and don't those man-breasts just creep you out?

Tony Rocha said...

Nice pictures, though I didn't need to see the naked guy again as every time I walked from the front of the show to the bathrooms in the back, I had to pass him. Probably would have been a better scene if Gavin was out there going toe to toe nakie with the guy and discussing their political agendas.

Anyway, the show was great and so were the people at the show.

I posted a few shots (not as nice as yours) to flickr if you are interested (www.flickr.com/photos/aerocha)