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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Gandhi, Farmers Market & a Lobster Feast

Yesterday I rode back to the Ferry Building to redo a shot of Gandhi with the two landmark buildings behind him, and what should I encounter, but the Saturday Farmers Market. Another two-fer.

Before that I'd made my way through the tail-gate parties around the baseball park, already happening two hours before the Giants game.

I've been riding that same route for nearly 30 years and it has changed enormously from the derelict factories and railroad and shipyards that were once there. In fact, it felt so sinister and unsafe that I'd sometimes just turn around and come back home, rather than risk it.

Now it's more like a big block party all around the waterfront, with lots and lots of happy people coming and going. I like the changes, even if all the new condos are mostly ugly and shoddy and too expensive for most people to live in.

But Bev reminded me of the workingman history on our docks and I found the plaque describing the general strike of 1934. They've at least kept the brick facades from some of the more interesting warehouses, like the Garcia & Maggini Warehouse on Townsend, right across from the the new ballpark.

Click to enlarge and read plaque - back arrow to return)

Later in the day I went with Jill to a lobster feast in the east bay. I'd never been to one before and it was truly amazing. Long tables had been set up, we stood back, and big steamers were unloaded all down the center. Suddenly, there were heaps of bright red Maine lobsters and corn on the cob and artichokes, prawns and new potatoes and garlic buds, spicy sausages and drawn butter and mayonaise. And we all set to, gorging on finger-food, par excellence.

I didn't bring my camera so will add an old scanned photo of a one-lobster feast I had in Cambridge, years ago, the last time I had lobster!

Talk about contrasts! From longshoremen to the enjoyment of abundance in the span of a few blocks and a few hours.

Life is good.

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