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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lost in a foreign land

I'm packed, ready to go. In an hour I will take my parrot to birdie camp and then shut down my computer.

In the meantime I've been processing pix from my last trip and came across this series I took from inside the car in the rain, somewhere in Umbria, Italy.

I still feel bad that we didn't somehow help this obviously lost (at least from her group) cyclist. It wasn't a road we could stop on. It wasn't really cold, but certainly wet.

I really hope I don't lose my friends in Japan - for sure, I won't be able to read the road signs.


(That should say: I will depend on the kindness of strangers. My Mac has a translator widget, but I have no way of knowing if it's any good.)


Tony Rocha said...

Privacy is another's cordial and interdependence them!

Those English to Chinese translators aren't great.

The Chinese I have above originally said, "Google translates it as" but when I copy and paste the Chinese back into Google translate, it spits out "Google into."

So, who knows.

Jackie said...

Good point - I put it back to be translated into English and got this:

As for me the kindness of others it depends

...that works.