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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Riding, statue to statue

I met Dianna behind the ball park at the sea lion sculpture this morning for a city ride. The sky was a little less blue than last week, like it would be smoggier and warmer than it had been all weekend, but a gorgeous day to ride around the waterfront, through the Presidio and over Land's End to Twin Peaks.

Dianna asked me if I'd seen Yoda's statue in front of Steven Spielberg's Letterman offices - No, I said. Well, I'll take you there and tell you a funny, true story, she said.

After checking out the Aquatic Park swimmers (Dianna swims) and climbing over the wee hill to Ft. Mason - where we used the facilities in Gas House Cove - we wound back around to see Yoda.

True story: Her friend brought someone to see Yoda. And that person said, That's very nice, but how many people would recognize Gandhi these days?

I said, Yeah, that makes sense, they both lean on sticks.

And then we hustled our buns up the many hills to Land's End (another pit-stop behind the Legion of Honor) and decided, as usual on our city rides, we'd climb Twin Peaks, but this time we rode the length of Golden Gate Park from the beach, exiting on 9th Avenue, and then rode on 7th Avenue until finally getting to West Portal; by then we'd done most of the climbing so getting to the top was easy. The sky was by now getting white and dense and ugly for the tourists.

Oh, then we had a downhill run that goes on and on and on, all the way to the friggin' Ferry Building by the bay, where we ate Slanted Door's take-out salads - my, my, that's some good eating.

By this time the day had become very hot and the sky had turned nearly white. (I've heard since that wildfire smoke is the culprit.)

Well, of course, then we had to go see Gandhi where he lives by the ferry terminal.

I see the resemblance.

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