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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Smoke, fog and Wobblies + Envy

(Caboose at 25th St. & Tennessee)

>I can't use your "comments" box because I don't have any of those accounts. So here is a straight e-mail from me, Bev. Yes, there are huge fires going on all around here, so the air, not to mention the light, has been gruesome for two days. I don't know how you could ride around in it. Right now the westerlies are finally back, the wind is roaring around the house, thank heavens, and the sky is finally clearing. At least the smoke is clearing. It may fill up with fog but that's just normal.
> I was down there near where you were but on Monday (Labor Day) for a program at the ILWU Hall next to (really behind) the ball park. I found out a lot about the Wobblies. It was great and they even had lunch for everybody. Solidarity Forever!
> B.

Beverly, thanks for writing. I read other people's blogs and they get lots of mostly inane comments - which shows how popular they are, I guess, and takes me back to high school, hell, maybe even grammar school, and I feel bad about myself for having comment envy. (Get a grip!) And because I like what you've said so much I am going to put it all on my blog, sans your address, of course.

Gosh. Wobblies. (click to read Wikipedia entry)

I get sick when I think how far the pendulum has swung away from the workingman. Now it's all about the whole planet - and I don't know if we'll live long enough to see any balance happen between the haves and have-nots - or if the planet will still be friendly to us in the process.


velogirl said...

what are wobblies?

Jackie said...

Thanks for asking, velogirl - I've added links to their Web site and to a Wikipedia entry.

Wobblies- Industrial Workers of the World. "Wobblies Unite!"

Jill said...

I'm so glad for the influences in my life that I learned about the wobblies decades ago.
Thanks mom!