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Sunday, October 21, 2007

and Sunday

Tom Carter in Siberia (his photo)
I was going to get up early and ride to Candlestick Point to watch and photograph the cyclocross races, but I slept too late and then I decided to have another proofing go-round with Tom's China text, which I've been reading for him. He's been backpacking for three-plus years into all 33 provinces, taking amazing photographs along the way - his book is coming out very soon. I keep forgetting to ask, but I think he's now in Hong Kong working on it. (I later learned he's back in Beijing.)

Jill packing for trip to Portland
After lunch I decided to drive to the afternoon races and wait there for Jill to call for me to pick her up at the airport. I'm glad now that I didn't try to get there by bike - it's off the beaten track and I'm not sure of the route outside of taking the freeway.

Well, Candlestick Point was visually uninteresting as a photographic background and I think maybe I'm done trying to get good action shots (not exactly my interest, anyway) and only Lauren was in pink today, though I saw old teammates who have moved on and I took their pix, too. Lots of changes.

Lauren in and on pink
And it was freakishly hot and I was wearing heavy clothes. My house has been in the high 70s every day, even on the days it rained last week. It's October, right?

. . .took care of e-mails and made a new gallery on pbase and fixed dinner and watched a bit of t.v. and now I have to do the reading for class in the morning.

A good Sunday. It would have been even better if I'd been out riding my ass off instead of (mostly) sitting on it.


chatterbox said...


I'm glad you could make it to cheer on the girls in pink. I believe Jenny F. was also in pink at the morning races.

Rick and I were at a friend's 40th b-day on Sunday, so we missed out on all the fun.

lauren said...

good to see you! your pics came out great.

and yes, it was hot! weird weather.