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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Busy city

Today I met Judy at the ballpark for a city ride on our Bike Fridays - her Tikit, my Crusoe. As usual, getting through the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building was a gauntlet of taxis and mindless pedestrians, further honing our city-riding skills, followed by a detour around the Fleet Week crowd at Aquatic Park. By the time we got near Lands End we were hungry and stopped for lunch - all of 10-12 miles into the ride, but, hey, this was billed as a no-sweat ramble - and it was.

Coming down from the Cliff House we came upon a gathering on Ocean Beach. I have no idea why.

They do not improve the scenery, do they? It's dense and dirty looking, roiling up the sand, exposing the dark side. Not a place I'd want to be.

Next, we rode into Golden Gate Park from the North Windmill, smack into gridlocked car traffic - something about a free bluegrass festival today - and even we couldn't get through, at one point we had to go up on the pedestrian path. Cars were so stuck that whole lines were trying to back up, in both directions, or make hopeless U-turns (one lady right in front of me, as if I wasn't even there). That's probably the most snarled I've ever seen traffic anywhere.

Well, by now it's moving onto 2 o'clock and we decided to skip the climb to Twin Peaks in favor of going to Judy's to work out some computer issues she has and when we were almost there she stopped me and said, Have you ever seen this? Well, I've ridden down that street, Golden Gate, hundreds of times without seeing this doorway on the south side of her Opera Plaza building.

And here I am, home in front of my computer while Sibyl eats and plays next to me. I feel bad when I leave her alone too long - parrots, after all, are sentient beings and need a flock, even if only a flock of two.

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