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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Clutter and time-outs

After a week of working on images, or riding a bike, or going to classes, I had piles of clutter on every surface and too often underfoot - time to take a day off and deal with it.

And so I did.

The next thing you know I'm weeding out books I picked up second-hand and know I'll probably never read.

And then I had to take this picture of my models now that the guy has a new jacket from the Buddhist Ninnaji Temple, where we stayed in Kyoto.

I need to get the blog past that ugly beach picture from yesterday - it really bothers me. Yeah, I'll find something with a lot of color to add...

This was taken in Nara, Japan, and the cloud is reflected in a lake. I don't know what kind of flower it is, but it certainly stood out.

Tomorrow is a holiday - no school - so I'll finish the cleaning, maybe fill a few more bags with old clothes and books and cluttery things and take it to the thrift store (where most of it came from in the first place).

And, oh yes, I will finally clean where once there was clutter.

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