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Monday, October 01, 2007

Morning thoughts

It's 07:19, I'm sipping my coffee and will soon get ready to go back to school after missing two weeks of my classes.

My sleep patterns are back to S.F. time, I'm up to Kyoto with my photos. I've reorganized all of my backups to the external HD, freeing up some space on this Mac. (What good would a full back up do on the internal HD if the HD failed?) That buys me some time, but not much. I need to archive stuff, but not until I've cataloged it - yet another program to buy.

That's Ken looking at Mt. Fuji, which we'd climbed, or were going to climb on our bikes (I'm unclear on the order of things as I write). The first morning when I got up and looked where the mountain would be the sky was a blank, fogged in. I expected it would stay that way our entire three days and went back to bed. The next time I looked, it was there, and it stayed visible until the day we left when it clouded over again.

A typhoon to the south had brought enough rain the previous week to melt the last of the snow, so Mt. Fuji was bald. It was also very hot and humid.

More on this later, I have to get ready for school.

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