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Saturday, October 20, 2007


I had a nice ride on the peninsula this morning - rode the Woodside out & back twice because it was so nice - and then returned to do a few more tutorials on-line.

This camera RAW and Adobe CS3 is just too much fun. You can move pixels in a gazillion ways - and I don't mean to make composites or tricks, but just to bring out the best in your image, or make it say what you wanted to say about what you saw, if that makes sense.

Or to reflect a state of mind. Like the commons room in my old high school (before the people went in). I'm putting two versions up. I like the one that shows just how I felt in high school - can you guess which one?

(I gave up trying to post a photo since an error message kept coming up - I went to the help thread and apparently this problem has been going on for several days; today it's my turn to be hit. . . but later it worked again.)

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velogirl said...

I was getting that error last week but I'd just try to upload again and it worked just fine.