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Friday, October 26, 2007

Shopping while hungry

Monday, I went to two grocery stores with no real list and no real idea of what I'd like to eat all week and because I was hungry, very hungry, I got everything from artichokes and avocados to yams and zucchini.

But of course I'd forgotten the hold-it-all-together key ingredients to actually make anything and had to go back to the stores all week.

Not having key ingredients (per an old recipe) made for a delicious meat loaf that I'll never be able to duplicate because I have no idea what I threw in (that being something I only make every 10-15 years). I ate it for lunch and dinner all week.

Today I made a big pot of meat and veggies cooked with Dijon mustard and tomato paste for flavor. I'm going out for a Japanese dinner tonight before the symphony so it will go in the fridge for next week. I'll add peas and string beans and make dumplings. It's very good.

I cooked a pound of bacon and froze it. Before a long ride I've been having bacon and eggs these days and now I don't bonk before I even start. That's the only time I eat it. I will be riding to Half Moon Bay in the morning, so that's set to go.

I only left the house to get my mail. Today was a cooking day, make left-overs day.

No new pix. The one above is from my last trip and is looking back at Devil's Slide on Highway 1. Those are surfers, not birds, in the water - a long way down. (Click to enlarge.) I won't be carrying a big camera tomorrow.


velogirl said...

hey! did you ride down the coast with the girl on the email group?

Jackie said...

Yep, down and back. I'll write about it tomorrow - there were two of us and it was spectacular!

Jackie said...

I'm just back and just out of the shower - I meant to say there were THREE of us.