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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This winter

I will be warm. Today I bought Smartwool long underwear and a zip t-neck, plus heavy thermal tights that don't look so tight that I look nekkid - these are to wear when I ride up hill to get to school on cold winter mornings, and then sit all day in classes. If I wear anything like cotton I get sweaty and then cold once I get there. If I wear polypro I'm pretty sure I stink, 'cause that's the nature of that beast. But, very expensive wool shouldn't itch or stink. I do hope this is true. (Tres expensive stuff.)

One thing I've been noticing lately: using one's thumbnail for a screwdriver is probably not a good idea. But, getting a professional manicure is a cheap way to feel glamorous and well-groomed. I got one on Friday for Saturday's HS reunion and I'm still holding my hands out to look at my shiny pink nails. I'll have to do that again when this wears off (or after my next bike maintenance).

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