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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Toothpick, Ice Cream and Shoes

I was in a car with a lot of other people. The car stopped and the driver carried back a little girl that he’d seen crying. She pointed inside her mouth. I could see one end of a toothpick, told her to hold still, and carefully pulled it out. It didn’t bleed. I offered it to her and said it probably wasn’t a good idea to run with anything in her mouth. Everyone had gotten out of the car - we were a small crowd , like from a bus, not a car - when I noticed we’d passed a much decorated VW van. I got out my camera to photograph it and then saw an older couple inside. I asked them if I could take pictures and they said yes and told me to eat some of the decorations. As I started eating some ice cream and reaching for cake I started trying to wake up; I guess I knew I didn’t want to eat all that fattening food out of politeness (yeah, right!).

Before I was in the car I was shoe shopping in Nordstrom’s. I didn't find any I liked. The shoe salesman was a Mafia hit man; this was known. We felt lucky to get away when he was elsewhere finding the other shoe.

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Jill said...

Perhaps you shouldn't eat such spicy meals for a while.....