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Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday morning

The bird is eating and I'm sipping my coffee; the sun is shining and it is still warm here.

Saturday I did my usual ride, ramble really, around the waterfront, carrying the camera and Judy's long lens. Inside the ballpark parking lot Cirque d'Whatever was getting ready to raise their big top and some kind of other event was going on behind a fence; I could see skateboarders as they hit the top of their ramp.

I liked this swimmer coming out of the bay in Aquatic Park - but when he saw me pointing at him I felt intrusive so you won't see the rest of his strip action on this blog!

Yesterday I rode with a lot of Velo Girls and found a piece of paradise I didn't know existed - Strawberry Point. I knew there was another way to get to Tiburon, and even tried going that way once, but didn't know about going the long way around the point. Really was beautiful. I think I'll go back later this week and do it again.

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chatterbox said...

I'll have to check out that Strawberry Point thing some time. It sounds nice!